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Alfred Krupa (1915-1989) was famous Polish-Yugoslavian Painter and Tito's Partisan. It was little known about his ancestry. As classical genealogy research failed, but few intruiging oral traditions existed by other people, like the one that his Krupa family „is Jewish“ ,“forced converts“ and „it is line of power“, several genetic tests since 2007 has been undertaken.
Summary of outcome;
Since time of the Jewish Khazar Empire (7th-11th century) up to 18th century male ancestors of the Krupa family resided as Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Lands of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, mainly in Ruthenia/Ukraine and South Russia.
During 18th century two important things occured; adoption of Slavic and noble surname Krupa and ascription/adoption into ranks of the Polish-Lithuanian Szlachta (nobility) based upon prerogatives given to all neophytes and its descent by the articles of the 3rd Lithuanian Statute.
Evidences suggest that the Krupa family has been Polish-Lithuanian (probably Zoharite) Lords (Pan) of Bosivka/Bosovka Noble Estate/Serfdom in Imperial Russian „Right Bank“ Ukraine.

Information about the author

Alfred F. Krupa prof.MFA
Domobranska 8
Karlovac 47000

Authors haplogroup(s)

Paternal lineage: Q-M378
Maternal lineage: J1b1a1

Authors ancient tribe(s)

Paternal lineage: Qasar/Khazar/Ko-sa/Tujué Hésà Clan of Hunnu/Tiele (a branch or cousin of the Ashina Royal Clan)
Maternal lineage: Jews

Authors region(s) of origin

Paternal lineage: Central Asia
Maternal lineage: Eastern Europe

Authors DNA profile

Paternal lineage STR
Locus   12345678910
DYS#   39339019*391385a385b426388439389-1
Allele   14221310141612121213
Locus   11121314151617181920
DYS#   392389-2458459a459b455454447437448
Allele   152917991111241419
Locus   21222324252627282930
DYS#   449464a**464b**464c**464d**460GATA H4YCA II aYCA II b456
Allele   2914151516109191915
Locus   31323334353637383940
DYS#   607576570CDY aCDY b442438531578395S1a
Allele   1417163338121111815
Locus   41424344454647484950
DYS#   395S1b590537641472406S1511425***413a413b
Allele   19811108111102222
Locus   51525354555657585960
DYS#   557594436490534450444481520446
Allele   1611121218812241613
Locus   61626364656667
DYS#   617568487572640492565
Allele   12111310121313

Maternal lineage
HVR1 differences
16069T, 16126C, 16145A, 16172C, 16261T
HVR2 differences
73G, 242T, 263G, 295T, 309.1C, 315.1C, 462T, 489C, 523.2A, 523.1C
CRS differences
750G, 1438G, 2158C, 2706G, 3010A, 4216C, 4769G, 5460A, 7028T, 8269A, 8557A, 8574T, 8860G, 10398G, 11251G, 11719A, 11953T, 12007A, 12612G, 13708A, 13879C, 14766T, 15326G, 15452A
The mitochondrial results are represented in comparison with the Cambridge Reference Sequence.

This story has been published on: 02.03.2012

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